Slottshotellet in Kalmar

Slottshotellet in Kalmar has 45 unique rooms in the main buildings, all unique and different from each other. We can also offer budget accommodation, including 26 rooms, across the street from Slottshotellet. 

The history

The hotel’s main building was built in 1864, by the wholesaler Johan Jeansson and his wife Emma. The Jeansson’s where an influential family in Kalmar and at one point they owned most of the city’s businesses and employed approximately 80% of the city’s work force.

Johan and Emma where very happy while they lived here in the house, but after the birth of their nineth child the house got a bit small for the large family so they had to move to a bigger house closer to the city center. In that house a further five children were later born.

The buildings belonging to the hotel have all a story to tell, for example one of the smaller houses hosted one of Kalmars very first schools. All of the buildings have been carefully renovated to insure that their personal charm and ambience comes through, not a single detail has been left to chance. The feeling that this was ones a family home, is stil a very big part of what is the Castle Hotel, our guest should feel compfortable and at ease here while visiting us.